Barney's Beanery menu - EST. 1920 Our 9th Decade! Issue 030617 BARNEY'S BEANERYBARNEY'S BEANERY SANTA MONICA 1351 3RD ST SANTA MONICA, CA 90401 PHONE (310) 656-5777 WEST HOLLYWOOD 8447 SANTA MONICA BLVD WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA 90069 PHONE (323) 654-2287 PASADENA 99 EAST COLORADO BLVD PASADENA, CA 91105 PHONE (626) 405-9777 BURBANK 250 NORTH FIRST ST BURBANK, CA 91502 PHONE (818) 524-2912 WESTWOOD VILLAGE 1037 BROXTON AVE WESTWOOD, CA 90024 PHONE (310) 443-7777 WWW.BARNEYSBEANERY.COM REDONDO BEACH 100H FISHERMAN'S WHARF REDONDO BEACH, CA 90277 PHONE (424) 275-4820 BARNEY’S BREAKFAST three eggs / hash browns toast OR tortilla EGGS BENEDICT english muffin / canadian-style bacon / two poached eggs / hollandaise / chives / hash browns fresh strawberries on the side EGGS FLORENTINE english muffin / spinach / two poached eggs hollandaise / chives / hash browns / fresh strawberries on the side BREAKFAST BURRITO potato / bacon / onion / chile verde / cheese two scrambled eggs / sour cream / salsa CHILAQUILES tortilla chips / three scrambled eggs / cilantro queso fresco / red chile sauce / rice refried beans / sour cream / guacamole salsa fresca HUEVOS RANCHEROS three sunny-side up eggs / bell pepper onion / cilantro / queso fresco / rice refried beans / sour cream / guacamole corn tortillas BREAKFAST QUESADILLA three scrambled eggs / cheese / jalapeño grilled onions / potato / cilantro / chives sour cream / salsa fresca / choice of protein cheese | chorizo | bacon pork OR turkey sausage | ham BREAKFAST NACHOS tortilla chips / black beans / cheese / three any style eggs / cilantro / chives / sour cream salsa fresca cheese | chorizo | bacon pork OR turkey sausage | ham THREE BREAKFAST TACOS cheesy taco shells with choice of flour or corn over easy eggs / refried beans / cilantro queso fresco / ranchero sauce MEXICAN BREAKFAST three eggs any style / refried beans / rice guacamole / sour cream / salsa fresca choice of two enchiladas cheese | veggie | chicken | pork beef | shrimp TOAD IN A HOLE two fried eggs / cheddar jalapeño bread cheddar / bacon / hash browns PROTEIN & TWO EGGS toast OR tortilla / protein choice / hash browns carne asada | chicken | chili chorizo OR bacon | corned beef hash Real Maple Syrup Available [+] MISH-MOSH eggs / salami / bacon / cheese onion / spinach / mushroom / hot pepper hash browns / toast OR tortilla RANCHERO chorizo / tomato / bell pepper / queso fresco / salsa / guacamole / sour cream ranchero sauce PILATES egg white / chicken breast / mushroom spinach / quesa fresco VEGGIE spinach / mushroom / tomato bell pepper / onion CALIFORNIA avocado / bacon / tomato / chile verde sour cream / cheese EGG WHITES ONLY [+] OMELETTES OR SCRAMBLES three eggs served with hash browns & toast FROM THE GRIDDLE BREAKFAST served all day WAFFLE COMBO two eggs / bacon pork or turkey sausage PANCAKE COMBO two eggs / bacon pork or turkey sausage CINNAMON BUN FRENCH TOAST COMBO two eggs / bacon pork or turkey sausage BLUEBERRY STUFFED CINNAMON BUN FRENCH TOAST cream cheese / blueberries syrup / bacon BREAKFAST SANDWICHES ON THE TROLLEY english muffin / hash brown / arugula pork sausage / cheddar cheese / two fried eggs / strawberries on the side BREAKFAST BAGEL two scrambled eggs / bacon / melted cheese / hash browns WAFFILUS MAXIMUS cheese baked into waffle batter  two eggs / pork sausage / syrup CONSUMING RAW OR UNDERCOOKED MEATS, POULTRY, SEAFOOD OR EGGS MAY INCREASE YOUR RISK OF FOOD-BORNE ILLNESS. 2 APPETIZERS HOT WINGS 6 wings / 12 wings / 15 wings buffalo | sweet & spicy | el diablo barney’s honey glaze | lemon pepper PERFECT FOR SHARING BARNEY’S APPETIZER PLATTER chili cheese fries / onion rings jalapeño poppers / mozzarella cheese sticks / chicken fingers VEGGIE & CHEESE PLATTER black bean balls with enchilada sauce crispy jalapeño cheddar bites portobello mushroom fajita avocado toast with lime & cilantro QUESO WITH CHILI & CHIPS fireman's chili / spicy cheese sauce jalapeño / queso fresco / cilantro corn tortilla chips CRISPY CHICKEN FINGERS french fries [+] tossed or on the side [+]: buffalo | el diablo | sweet & spicy barney’s honey glaze JALAPEÑO POPPERS ranch FRENCH TOAST SOLDIERS powdered sugar / syrup / strawberries NACHO MAMA’S NACHOS! tortilla chips / black beans / pickled red onions / cheese / sour cream guacamole / salsa chicken carne asada OR chipotle beef CRISPY CALAMARI cocktail sauce / herb tartar sauce lemon FRITO PIE fritos / salsa / cheese / sour cream classic chili the following are half off during happy hour SPECIALTY FRIES PASTRAMI steak fries / melted swiss cheese / grilled onions / pickles / barney’s sauce BARNEY’S steak fries / american cheese / pickles chopped hamburger / tomato / caramelized onions / barney’s sauce PIZZA french fries / mozzarella / pepperoni marinara sauce CHILI CHEESE french fries / choice of chili / cheese classic, turkey OR vegetable texas-style OR fireman’s HALF TIME NACHOS tortilla chips / black olive lettuce / cheese / classic chili sour cream / guacamole / salsa IRISH NACHOS potato / cheese / sour cream guacamole / salsa chili OR beans TAQUITOS jalapeño salsa / guacamole / chipotle cream chicken OR beef & pickle MAC & CHEESE WEDGES marinara MOZZARELLA STICKS marinara sauce FRIED PICKLES ranch PRETZEL STICKS honey mustard | cheese sauce CHIPS & SALSA guacamole [+] POTATO SKIN 1. bacon / cheese / sour cream 2. mushroom / cheese / grilled onion 3. cLassic chili / cheese BARNEY’S caramelized onion / pickle / american cheese lettuce / tomato / barney’s sauce BBQ PORK pulled pork sliders / coleslaw SHAVED PASTRAMI swiss cheese / pickle / barney’s sauce CRISPY CHICKEN spicy mayo / lettuce / tomato CRISPY FISH cheddar cheese / tomato / herbed tartar sauce lettuce BUFFALO CHICKEN bleu cheese / buffalo sauce / lettuce SLIDERS three per order WE HAVE A $5 MINIMUM PER PERSON WHEN SEATED AT THE BAR OR AT A TABLE. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATRONAGE. SANDWICHES choice of side 3 PHILLY CHEESE STEAK ON TOASTED SANDWICH ROLL mushroom / bell pepper / onion / jack / cheese sauce beef OR chicken DH'S BEST BBQ ON BUTTERMILK BUN coleslaw / bbq sauce / chipotle mayo beef, pork OR chicken ROASTED VEGETABLE ON TOASTED JALAPEÑO CHEDDAR LOAF zucchini / bell pepper / red onion / avocado / arugula pickled carrot / pickled onion / cream cheese TUNA SALAD ON WHEAT & HONEY LOAF shredded lettuce / tomato / avocado SOURDOUGH TURKEY ON SOURDOUGH LOAF bacon / grilled onion / avocado / swiss SOURDOUGH CHICKEN ON SOURDOUGH LOAF bacon / grilled onion / chile verde / jack BUFFALO CHICKEN ON BUTTERMILK BUN mayo / lettuce / tomato grilled chicken OR fried chicken BARNEY’S REUBEN ON MARBLED RYE LOAF sauerkraut / swiss / 1000 island pastrami OR corned beef double up pastrami OR corned beef CLASSIC ON TOASTED COUNTRY BUTTERMILK LOAF turkey / bacon / cheddar / tomato / lettuce barney’s sauce SUPER SWISS ON TOASTED MARBLED RYE LOAF ham / turkey / swiss / tomato / lettuce barney’s sauce B.L.A.T ON TOASTED JALAPEÑO CHEDDAR LOAF bacon / lettuce / avocado / tomato barney’s sauce FRIED CHICKEN ON TOASTED COUNTRY BUTTERMILK LOAF bacon / cheddar / tomato / lettuce barney’s sauce CLUB SANDWICHES choice of side HOAGIES choice of side SPICY GROUND TURKEY pepperoncini / peppers / onions jack & cheddar / barney’s sauce REUBEN shaved corned beef / sauerkraut swiss cheese / pickles barney’s sauce SHRIMP FAUX-BOY shredded lettuce / mayonnaise / tomato pickles / hot sauce AVOCADO ON MARBLED RYE LOAF avocado / grilled onion / tomato / jack CHICKEN ON MARBLED RYE LOAF chicken / cajun spices / grilled onion / jack TUNA MELT ON MARBLED RYE LOAF grilled onion / american PARMESAN BRIE ON SOURDOUGH LOAF chicken breast MELTS choice of side NEW ENGLAND STYLE CLAM CHOWDER CHICKEN NOODLE BARNEY'S FRENCH ONION CLASSIC CHILI VEGETABLE CHILI TURKEY CHILI TEXAS-STYLE CHILI FIREMAN’S CHILI SOURDOUGH BOWLS with house salad SPECIALTY GRILLED CHEESE jack / cheddar / swiss Choice: braised chicken | braised pork braised beef | bacon bits +3 NEW ENGLAND STYLE CLAM CHOWDER CHICKEN NOODLE BARNEY'S FRENCH ONION jumbo | bowl | cup Our Soups Are Not Vegetarian ASK ABOUT OUR LUNCH SPECIALS SOUPS SOUP & HALF SANDWICH Choice: chicken noodle | barney's french onion n.e. style clam chowder | chili [+] Choice: pastrami reuben | roasted veggie | blt sourdough turkey | tuna salad | tuna melt CHOICE OF SIDE: Tomatoes, Cottage Cheese, Black Beans, Refried Beans, Onion Rings, Salad, Mashed Potatoes, Hash Browns, Sautéed Veggies, Barney's Rice, Seasoned Fries, Steak Fries [+], Sweet Potato Fries [+], Baked Potato [+], Mac & Cheese [+], Strawberries [+] 4 chili / choice of patty tortilla chips / soup OR salad CHILI CHOICE classic turkey vegetable texas-style [+] fireman’s [+] PATTY CHOICE hamburger turkey [+] chicken [+] black bean [+] hot dog [+] TOPPING CHOICE sour cream [+] black beans [+] cheese [+] avocado [+] guacamole [+] BARNEY'S FAMOUS CHILI SIZE HAMBURGERS choice of side PATTY MELT grilled onion / cheese toasted marbled rye loaf BARNEY’S BURGER two beef patties / pickle / caramelized onion / cheese / tomato / lettuce / mustard barney’s sauce Sorry, No Burger Patty Substitutions MEXI BURGER chile verde / grilled onion / avocado tomato / lettuce / queso fresco chipotle mayo ULTIMATE BURGER applewood smoked bacon / caramelized onion tomato / arugula / bleu cheese barney’s sauce DBC BURGER two burger patties / bbq sauce onion straw / applewood smoked bacon american / tomato / lettuce barney’s sauce FOOT LONG HOT DOGS nathan's all beef hot dogs & choice of side CHAMPAGNE BREAKFAST chili / cheese / hot dog / toasted buttermilk bun / bottle of dom perignon CLASSIC CHILI CHEESE toasted buttermilk bun LA STYLE bacon wrapped / grilled onion / grilled bell pepper / mayo / toasted buttermilk bun NY STYLE sauerkraut / deli mustard / grilled onion toasted buttermilk bun CHICAGO STYLE tomato / relish / onion / pepperoncini mayo / toasted buttermilk bun CALI BURGER [spicy] guacamole / bacon / cheddar cheese / jalapeño lettuce / barney's sauce BLEU BURGER stuffed with bleu cheese / caramelized onion lettuce / barney's sauce THE GOBBLER [turkey patty] roasted tomato / red onion / cheddar crisp chipotle mayo / arugula / lemon BLACK & BRIE black bean patty / brie / barney's sauce / onion straws / iceberg lettuce / tomato CHILI BURGER choice of chili / lettuce / tomato classic, turkey OR vegetable texas-style OR fireman’s JUICY LUCY BURGER american cheese stuffed / grilled onion tomato / lettuce / barney’s sauce Sorry, No Burger Patty Substitutions Hamburgers are served on toasted buttermilk bun unless otherwise specified. BURGER PATTY CHOICE INSTEAD OF BEEF [+]: black bean patty, turkey patty OR chicken breast CHOICE OF SIDE: Tomatoes, Cottage Cheese, Black Beans, Refried Beans, Onion Rings, Salad, Mashed Potatoes, Hash Browns, Sautéed Veggies, Barney's Rice, Seasoned Fries, Steak Fries [+], Sweet Potato Fries [+], Baked Potato [+], Mac & Cheese [+], Strawberries [+] FAMOUS CHILI THE “CLASSIC” SINCE 1920 all beef chili perfection / tortilla chips jumbo | bowl | cup TURKEY pinto beans / corn / roasted pasilla chile tortilla chips jumbo | bowl | cup VEGETABLE summer vegetables / black bean / tomato tortilla chips jumbo | bowl | cup TEXAS-STYLE beef / chili / beer / tortilla chips jumbo | bowl | cup FIREMAN’S braised beef / black bean / tortilla chips jumbo | bowl | cup CHILI SAMPLER onions / sour cream / cheese / two sides choose three: classic | fireman's | texas turkey | vegetarian CHILI WITH SPAGHETTI & BEANS soup OR salad PIZZA homemade pizza sauce MARGHERITA tomato / basil / mozzarella parmesan / olive oil 16" pan | 10" pan ROUTE 66 COMBO pepperoni / sausage / bell pepper onion / mushroom / mozzarella 16" pan | 10" pan HAWAIIAN canadian-style bacon / pineapple / mozzarella 16" pan | 10" pan MAGIC MUSHROOM [white pizza] button & portobello mushroom / caramelized onion / mozzarella / parmesan / ricotta 16" pan | 10" pan PEPPERONI 16" pan | 10" pan JOHNNIE’S FAVORITE pepperoni / mushroom / fresh jalapeño cilantro / mozzarella 16" pan | 10" pan BBQ CHICKEN red onion / mozzarella / bbq sauce / cilantro 16" pan | 10" pan GRILLED VEGGIE portobello mushroom / onion / bell pepper zucchini / roasted garlic / mozzarella sun dried tomato 16" pan | 10" pan BUFFALO CHICKEN [white pizza] breaded chicken breast / buffalo sauce ranch / bleu cheese 16" pan | 10" pan SALADS & SALAD WRAPS CLASSIC COBB bacon bits / avocado / tomato / chopped eggs chicken / bleu cheese / mixed greens whole | half | wrap CALIFORNIA CHOPPED turkey / avocado / bacon / tomato / brie jack / cheddar / mixed greens / ranch whole | half | wrap SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN corn / onion / cucumber / bell pepper carrot / mixed greens / honey mustard whole | half | wrap BARNEY'S CAESAR tomato / crouton / parmesan romaine lettuce / Barney's caesar dressing whole | half | wrap cajun chicken [+] BARNEY’S HOUSE SALAD seasonal fresh vegetables GRILLED VEGETABLE portobello mushroom / zucchini / red onion spinach / sun dried tomato / bell pepper parmesan / arugula / lemon vinaigrette whole | half | wrap ITALIAN CHOPPED salami / olive / tomato / roasted pepper basil / sun dried tomato / parmesan mixed greens / italian whole | half | wrap FIESTA chicken / tomato / olive / cilantro cheese / guacamole / sour cream / salsa tortilla chips / mixed greens / ranch whole | half | wrap ROCKET grilled chicken / red onion / tomato pine nut / roasted red pepper / arugula lemon vinaigrette whole | half | wrap REGULAR PIZZA TOPPINGS Mushroom • Onion • Bell Pepper • Fresh Tomato • Zucchini • Garlic • Fresh Basil Extra Cheese • Pineapple • Jalapeño • Olive • Cilantro • Broccoli • Scallion • Spinach SPECIAL PIZZA TOPPINGS Pepperoni • Bacon • Chicken • Meatball • Salami • Roasted Pepper • Anchovy • Ground Beef • Sausage Canadian-Style Bacon • Bleu Cheese • Sun Dried Tomato SIDES Strawberries Hash Browns Bacon, Pork OR Turkey Sausage Tomatoes Cottage Cheese Barney's Rice Onion Rings Mashed Potatoes Sautéed Veggies Baked Potato Black OR Refried Beans Mac & Cheese Seasoned Fries SM | LG Sweet Potato Fries SM | LG Steak Fries SM | LG Refried Beans & Barney's Rice [+] | Fresh Avocado OR Guacamole [+] | Roasted Pineapple [+] | Fresh Jalapeño [+] TACO lime / cilantro / cabbage / corn tortilla grilled vegetable grilled chicken grilled beef grilled shrimp fried fish TACOS AL PASTOR grilled pork / roasted pineapple / onion / corn tortilla / lime BRAISED CHIPOTLE TACO grilled scallion / avocado / cabbage / cilantro / onion / corn tortilla chicken, pork beef TOSTADA crispy tortilla / refried beans / avocado / onion / cilantro / lettuce / tomato / queso fresco / sour cream grilled vegetable chicken, pork grilled beef grilled shrimp QUESADILLA cheese / sour cream / flour tortilla grilled vegetable chicken, pork grilled beef grilled shrimp BURRITO potato / onion / cheese / red chile sauce / sour cream / flour tortilla / black beans barney's rice grilled vegetable chicken, pork grilled beef grilled shrimp SIZZLING CAST IRON FAJITAS onion / bell pepper / cilantro / tomato / choice of corn or flour tortillas grilled vegetable chicken, pork grilled beef grilled shrimp TRES ENCHILADAS red chile sauce / cheese / corn tortilla / sour cream cheese grilled vegetable chicken, pork grilled beef grilled shrimp CHIMICHANGA [fried burrito] potato / cheese / sour cream / refried beans / barney's rice grilled vegetable grilled OR braised chicken, pork grilled OR braised beef grilled shrimp 50% DISCOUNT ON FOOD ITEMS FOR MEMBERS OF OUR ARMED FORCES (IN UNIFORM ONLY) THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO. SOUTH OF THE BORDER BEVERAGES DESSERTS HOUSE SPECIALTIES FISH & CHIPS herb tartar sauce / lemon / soup OR salad MAC ATTACK mac & cheese / soup OR salad fresh OR pickled jalapeño [+] | roasted peppers [+] ham, bacon, sausage [+] | bbq chicken [+] CAPTAIN'S PLATTER battered fish / skewered cajun-style shrimp fried calamari / herb tartar sauce cocktail sauce / lemon / two sides GRILLED SIRLOIN STEAK top sirloin / gravy / veggies / baked potato soup OR salad GRILLED TACO PARTY PLATTER [BUILDS 24 TACOS] beef, pork & chicken | shrimp [+] cabbage / onion / cilantro / roasted jalapeño roasted pineapple / scallion / lime corn tortillas / four coronas HALF BBQ CHICKEN topped with bbq sauce / baked potato cole slaw / soup OR salad BBQ BABY BACK RIBS topped with bbq sauce / baked potato cole slaw / soup OR salad full rack | half rack WING DINNER 12 wings tossed with choice of sauce one side / soup OR salad buffalo | sweet & spicy | el diablo barney’s honey glaze | lemon pepper BARNEY'S BOTANA two chicken taquitos / one beef enchilada / one pork taco sour cream / salsa / black beans barney's rice CHILI SAMPLER onions / sour cream / cheese / two sides choose three: classic | fireman's | texas | turkey | vegetarian BUNDABERG GINGER BEER ICED TEA CRANBERRY JUICE TOMATO JUICE MARTINELLI'S APPLE JUICE PINEAPPLE JUICE GRAPEFRUIT JUICE 100% ORANGE JUICE GLASS SAN PELLEGRINO PANNA FLAT WATER REGULAR OR SUGAR FREE RED BULL BLUEBERRY RED BULL HOT CHOCOLATE (WHIPPED CREAM) HOT TEA REGULAR OR DECAF COFFEE ICED COFFEE ESPRESSO CAPPUCCINO VANILLA LATTE WE PROVIDE ALL SODAS FREE OF CHARGE TO THE DESIGNATED DRIVER. ROOT BEER SPRITE CLUB SODA TONIC WATER COKE DIET COKE GINGER ALE LEMONADE MAKE ANY ESPRESSO DRINK A DOUBLE [+] BEVERAGES ROAST YOUR OWN S'MORES graham cracker / marshmallow / chocolate CAUTION. OPEN FLAME. ADULT SUPERVISION REQUIRED. SUNDAE BOAT vanilla ice cream / chocolate sauce / caramel sauce strawberry sauce / whipped cream / maraschino cherry BARNEY’S WARM APPLE PIE pie / melted cheddar / ice cream WARM CHOCOLATE CAKE BANANA SPLIT banana / vanilla ice cream / chocolate sauce maraschino cherry WAFFLE SUNDAE (perfect for sharing) belgian style waffle / vanilla ice cream fresh strawberries / whipped cream strawberry sauce / chocolate drizzle MILKSHAKES OR MALTS vanilla or chocolate HOTSY TOTSY MILKSHAKE chocolate ice cream / chocolate swirl / graham cracker & toasted marshmallow / whipped cream THE BEST vanilla ice cream / milk / all natural strawberry puree / fresh strawberries / whipped cream LOCO IN THE COCO MILKSHAKE vanilla ice cream / coco lopez / fresh banana graham cracker crumble / whipped cream 8 Los Angeles, California. A sort of Sirens lair from which songs of opportunity, notoriety, fame and fortune have beckoned adventurous dreamers for generations. Dreamers of a different order for certain, but all with one thing in common. They had to eat. Barney Anthony knew that when he moved his upstart beanery into the little bungalow built at the edge of a Poinsettia field. A good meal for a fair price, terrific service and some genuinely friendly conversation. In these respects, Barney’s has not changed much in eighty or so years. In other ways, though, Barney’s has evolved along with society’s needs of an eating and meeting house. The original structure was just an ordinary California bungalow converted into a small restaurant. Burgers and coffee shared the menu with the chili that would become a mainstay. There was no bar at that time and the spirits were not served until after prohibition was repealed. When that happy day arrived, Barney built a bar in the breezeway against the western exterior wall of a neighboring warehouse. The restaurant’s dining customers' drinks were handed to waitresses through an open window. As time and capital allowed a roof was added and walls pushed out to create the tavern. The bar has long since been replaced by the very functional, well used, wooden edifice that we belly up to today. The welcoming exterior has never been subjected to Urban Renewal’s atrocious facades. Wide and low, it sits unashamed in this very modern community of high-rises and chic’ strip malls. It gives the impression of a wizened elder at some sort of Rites of Passage ceremony. It has a look I can only describe as “genuine.” Upon entering, you immediately notice the decor. A delightful motif that has become intentionally recognized as classic American. Let’s call it American. Let’s call it Roadhouse Realist’ique. I say internationally recognized because the renowned pop artist Edward Kienholz once immortalized Barney’s bar area in mixed media. The magnificent work is on display at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The front porch was once used to signal waiting chauffeurs of the rich and famous. It seems that a blinking sequence would signal that a table was ready, or that their party was finished and would be emerging shortly. It is a well-known fact (around here at least) that famous people like cooking as much as the rest of us and despite the prospect of rubbing elbows with the likes of me, the list of celebrities that have made Barney’s a regular stop is long and glamorous. Sweet Norma Jeane Mortenson, more commonly known as Marilyn Monroe, made a point of coming here for the chili. I was told that Marilyn was a regular during the filming of “Some Like It Hot.” I can somehow picture her, more beautiful than she ever was on film, sitting with some friends or co-workers enjoying one of life’s simple pleasures. The legendary Jim Morrison is recalled as being another local fixture. Once when asked by a karma seeking fan which barstool was Morrison’s favorite, the barkeep just said “pick-one.” It is commonly known that The Snake had a particular fondness for liquid inspiration, and Barney’s was just one of his wells. The great Steve McQueen is remembered as enjoying his beer over ice. Shelly Winters and Warren Oats have all bent an elbow under the warm glow of the neon lights herein. It is supposedly here at Barney’s that Desi Arnez gave William Frawley an ultimatum concerning a certain behavior and his continuing on as a cast member of “The I Love Lucy Show.” Janis Joplin. Ah, Pearl, now there was a lady that could wail. If you are as big a fan of J.J.’s as I am, you will need to see the table that bears her signature and the two-digit date, 70. Janis was a regular at Barney’s. Her famous car was parked in front of the Beanery on the last night of her life. Someone would, at some point, say that it was “the coffee that killed her” and I think if Janis had heard it, she would have laughed the loudest. I have read somewhere that Barney’s was featured in a sketch that graced one of Janis’ albums. The album is “Cheap Thrills-Big Brother and the Holding Company.” The Beanery is shown in the second drawing from the bottom right. Barney’s was also a favorite hangout of Peter Falk. The actual Beanery shows up in quite a few Columbo episodes. (although in later years a studio set filled in for the famous eatery) Yes, film and television Personalities have, for as long as many can remember, been part of Barney’s mystique, but the real magical presence here is that of music. To say “Rock and Roll lives at Barney’s” is simply true. Really! I wonder what it’s like to hear yourself on the jukebox? I wonder if Jimi did? Jimi Hendrix used to frequent this rock icon of a tap house when he lived above the Whisky A Go-Go just a few blocks away. Mr. Irwin Held, is the hard working industrious man that bought the place from the original owner in the early nineteen seventies. Irwin operated the Beanery for nearly thirty years and is considered by some to be a pioneer in many hospitality industry trends. Barney’s had at one time as many as forty-seven beers on tap when most places had only two or three. Irwin’s experience as a beer salesman helped him read the indicators that would allow him to usher his business right to the threshold of a new century. Irwin sold the well-established business in 1998 and is enjoying a well-deserved retirement. Since this story is more of a cultural or color report than a restaurant review, I have not dwelled upon the gastronomic delights offered on the 1000 item menu. Suffice it to say, “come hungry!” You can’t go wrong. If you want to scan the place for tidbits of rock and roll history, the best time to visit is early afternoon. The dining room quiets down a little bit after lunch, and the walls are laden with interesting lore. -Courtesy of Route 66 Magazine THE MAKING OF A LANDMARK 111 111